Religion and Truth

Just to be clear, my intention with this post is not to offend anyone or their beliefs. This is just my own view and thoughts on religion and what makes most sense to me. No matter your take on religion I hope you will read it with an open mind and please leave a comment and share your thoughts with me. Thanks!

“Religion has given people hope in a world torn apart by religion”

A lot of us are too caught up in which religion is the best. Which is true or not true. Which God is real or not real. We are too focused on things that man has made in God’s image like churches, mosques, temples, statues, books and so on. We argue over which religion had the greatest messenger, and forget all about the actual message.

All religions are trying to teach the same thing. They all have the same message.
Jesus was not a christian, Muhammed not an islamist and Buddha not a buddhist. They were all masters who were trying to remind us of our natural state of being. They were all trying to lead us back to love.
But how do you explain something that cannot be described with words? Especially in that time?

Religion has been misunderstood and misused ever since its origin. Instead of letting religion change us, we changed religion. We changed it to fit what we already believed. It has been used as a weapon. It has been used for selfish benefits and to control people, and as a result millions have died. People took the stories too literally and totally missed the point. They didn’t get the message. It destroyed us instead of saved us.
Now, don’t get me wrong. Religion has saved at least as many lives as it has taken. But remember, it was not religion that took all of these innocent lives, it was other people. People who believed in lies and didn’t see the truth, the very thing that their religion was trying to teach. But who can blame them? They didn’t know what they were doing. Both religious and non religious people have been sinning for thousands of years, but without being aware of it because they believed in lies. They thought they were right. Jesus said “forgive them for they know not what they do”. He could see that it was not actually them, but the voice in their head that made them do it. It was “the Devil”.

“The truth will set you free” – Jesus

What is the truth?
Hundreds of years ego everyone believed that the earth was flat. They had no doubt about it. But even though everyone believed that, did not mean that it was true. The earth is round no matter who believes it or not. This is the truth.
What are lies?
My calendar says that today is May 1st, but this is not the truth. It is just an idea. It is only so because we agree on it. Time is a concept. When the voice in my head is telling me that I am not good enough, that I am not worthy of love, that I need something external to be happy or that I am better than someone else, it is not the truth. It is only so if I agree with that voice. It is lies. There are lies all around us but they are disguised in different shapes. Thoughts, concepts and ideas that has been deeply rooted in our mind. Countries, money, fashion, names and so on. All lies that only exists because we agree that they do. “With our thoughts we make the world” – Buddha

The gates of heaven is open to all of us, we just have to ignore the lies and believe that we are worthy of a life of love. We enter heaven when we love ourself and loving ourself is not something we learn. We love ourself by nature. What we have to do is ignore all the things inside us that makes us reject the love. The love that is already there. We do this by ignoring the lies and start living the truth.

“Let the children come with me because the ones who are like them can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” – Jesus

Imagine that you know no words. You cannot describe things you see, only feel. You have no knowledge, no story, no past and you don’t know the concept of “future”. Only this moment. You are at peace. Everything is an extension of yourself. You are connected and at one with all life.
This was what we felt like all the time when we were kids. We did not think about “tomorrow” or who liked us or not. Before we had language, before we had knowledge and before we started believing in lies. We were in heaven.

This what we must return to. This is what the messengers were trying to teach us. And this time we can do it consciously.
Jesus came back from spending forty days in the dessert and spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, Moses spoke of the Promised Land when he came back down from the mountain and Buddha spoke of Nirvana when he woke up under the Bodhi three. They had all experienced the same thing. The thing they had experienced when they were children. They had all experienced the reality of truth, the reality of love.

Once people understand what the masters were trying to teach, they change.

When they stop listening to the voice in their head that are feeding them lies, when they start living in the present and forget about past of future, then they are witnessing the truth, they are witnessing heaven on earth.

“No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardship.” In other words, life is your escape from pain. Once you accept life, the present moment, stop identifying with your mind and the pain that follows it, the pain will no longer affect you. You will know that it is not truly your pain.

“I am life and only trough me can you reach heaven.” Jesus was not talking about himself. He was talking about life. When you come back to life, when you see the truth, when you live in the Now, you will reach heaven. He is not referring to a place but a state of mind, or rather a state of no mind. You detach from your mind. You no longer identify with it. You are not your thoughts. You are the awareness behind them, the one that is aware of the thinking. You are the listener, the observer. “The Devil” is in your mind and when you stop listening to “him”, you escape hell.

Once you experience living in the present moment with no attachment to your mind, you will feel a such joy that cannot be described. It’s as if you are seeing the world for the first time. Buddha called this enlightenment “the end of all suffering” and it is absolutely possible for every single one of us to experience this. You do not have to have any knowledge about anything regarding this topic. It is not about learning, it is about unlearning. You accept this moment and let go of your mind. Just be.


Dear Lord, forgive me for I have sinned

We tend to believe that we have sinned only when we do something bad to others, but is goes beyond that.
Every time you do something that goes against your true nature, something that does not align with your true being, then you have sinned. And every time you are asking for forgivness you are talking to your true self. You are asking life for another chance. Every time you are praying you are speaking to life. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? If not I recommend that you look into it.
You are life, so when you are speaking to the source of life it will do its best to deliver. It is always listening to you. That is why you have to be careful about what you are saying. Be careful about what you are telling yourself. Be careful of the voice in your head. Make sure that it is speaking positive, that it is in alignment with your goals and that it is only speaking the truth. If it is talking any kind of negativity, it is “the Devil” lying to you and you have to ignore it.

“There is no death, only a change of worlds”

We are all made in Gods image. In the image of life. The only thing there is. We are all God’s children.
The same force that is making your body grow is the same force that is making the flowers, the trees and the whole universe grow. It is the force that tells your body what to do. We do not constantly have to be aware of the inside of our body. We don’t have to tell our lungs what to do or break down our food after we eat. Our body does it all by itself. It already knows what to do, just like the trees knows what to do. It is the force of life that is constantly passing through everything and it really makes us no different to anything else. Everything is connected through life. That is the true miracle on earth and that is why we have nothing to fear.

Death is not the end. There is only life. Life cannot die. The only living being in the universe is life, is God, is Allah. It is the source of all creation and we will all return to this source when we die.
It is not a question of good or bad. We are all going there. Life loves all of its creation. Everyone is going back to God. To the eternal afterlife.

Thank you for reading!

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