The Ego On Your Shoulder

We’ve all heard about the word “ego”. However a lot of us don’t realize how big of an impact it has on us, and for the most part we only notice it in others.
The ego plays a huge role in our life and not many of us are aware of it.

But what is the ego?

When I thought about the ego before, I would think about my friend from school who would never pass the ball when we were playing soccer. He always wanted to make the goal. Since then I have found out that ego is in all of us and that it had completely taken over my life

The ego is best described as the second voice in our head (most often the loudest one), it is the wannabe us, the devil on our shoulder. It’s like another person living in our head without us noticing.

We’ll never have a greater enemy than the ego in us, and if we are not aware of it and don’t pay attention to it, it’ll control our life. It will be like sitting behind the wheel of a car, thinking that we’re driving, but in reality the car has a mind of its own with no idea where it’s going.

A lot of us are not happy with where we are in life. And as we learn to notice the ego in ourselves, we will see that we are where we are because of it. Also the one saying that we are not happy, is the ego. We are here. We don’t need to add anything to be happy. Happiness is not something to be obtained, it’s not a goal. That would mean that we would rely on the future to become happy. And the future does not exist. The only thing that is, is the “now”, the present, this moment. Don’t let the ego tell you otherwise.

The ego feeds on identification, material things, labels and thoughts. It doesn’t care if it’s positive or negative. It just needs something to hang on to. Something to “add” to who it is and say “this is me”.

If we identify and label ourself  as a sad, depressed, cool or see ourself better or less worthy than others, then it’s the ego talking. Then we’re listening too much to the loud voice in our head that we think is us. It’s nothing but thoughts. It’s not here. Only in our head. It can be labels that someone has put on us and then the ego has held on to it. Or maybe it’s labels that we have created for ourselves because we have identified to much with our thoughts. Remember, the ego does not care. It will hold on to anything. The real you are none of those things. You just are. That is your purpose. But that is not enough for the ego. It needs something more.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the same negative circle in life? Then notice your ego. It’s the one saying that you can’t do something. “I am not good enough”, “this is not who I am”, “they will laugh at me”, “what would other people think of me?”. The ego wants safety and comfort. Trying new things threaten the comfort of the ego, and that’s when it comes up with all of these excuses and reasons not to do it. Don’t let it hold YOU back. Don’t listen to it. YOU are not afraid of trying new things and move on. The ego is.

So…How do we get rid of the ego? We can’t. It’s impossible. It will always be there. However its effect can be minimized and we can learn to notice it and turn down the voice. We can learn how not to let it be in charge and get back in control. When we finally become aware of the ego in ourselves it’ll be like living in a completely different world. A brand new life. We will be able to see what and who we truly are. The light inside that has been buried for so long will finally shine through.

Remember – be aware of the ego, live in the present and be happy now without reason.


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Make a great day

– Dennis

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