You Are a Star!

You are a star. Now what do I mean by that? I don’t mean an actual star or a singer or actor. Even though they are stars too. Just like you.

What I mean is that we are all stars inside. Stars that cannot be seen with the eye, but rather felt by other stars. Some people may refer to it as the soul.

The star inside all of us is what we really are. It is who we are. It is everything we are. Everything else we feel, see, thinks and do just surrounds it. Without the star inside, your body would just be an empty shell. Walking around like a zombie. Reacting to whatever thought that would pop up in the head, not being able to sort through it.

The star is what makes us aware that we even have emotions, thoughts and feelings, that we can feel pain or pleasure. It is what makes us aware that we exist, that we are here and alive.

There is a quote that goes something like this: “If you are the one thinking, then who is the one who is aware that you are thinking?”

That is the star. It is the real you.

We all arrive in the human body exactly the same. As stars. Same size, same light, same glow. But from the very moment our human experience starts, there are different things that influence us. We don’t know that we are stars and neither does the other stars around us. That is when we identify with being human.

Before we came here there were so many rules, expectations and meanings as to what it means to be human. And instead of just being the star with no problems or any other concerns than just BEING, we become something entirely else. All of a sudden we worry if we are good enough, if we are doing things right and if we look the right way. There are all of these concerns and they are suffocating our light. The more we identify with material things, looks, other people, thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas and illusions, the smaller our star will be. The harder it will be for our light to shine through.

If we identify with all of these things it will take away our shine. It will surround who we really are and in the end it will suffocate us, and we may not realize it until we have spend a lifetime trying to keep up with it, wanting more and more, because we think that it will add to who we are. We may not realize that we are stuck in this endless evil cycle before we are laying on our deathbed and we leave our body and go back to wherever we came from.

Also we have to remember that stars are not only in humans, but in all living beings. It is when we identify ourselves with our body, our vehicle, that we treat animals and each other bad. We identify so much with our skin color, our shape, our looks and intellect, that the light inside us gets suffocated, sometimes almost to the point where it goes out… and that is when we cannot see the light in other beings. It is the same light just experiencing life through a different body. But we feel superior to them, think less of them and in the end only see them as objects. That is when speciesism and racism comes into existence. That is what creates war, pain, torture and death. That is when human beings feel superior to other beings, adults feel superior to children, the rich feel superior to the poor, males feel superior to females, females feel superior to males and the list goes on.

BUT it is possible to get our shine back and once again be whom we truly are.

The key is to realize that YOU, the real YOU are none of those things. You are not your skin color, your looks, your body, or your thoughts. You have to be able to take a step back and create some space between it all and realize that all of these labels that you and others put on you has nothing to do with who you are. Because you are a star.

Remember – Be your true self and live in the present. Let your light shine bright and don’t let anyone or anything suffocate it. Especially not “yourself”!

Now go shine!


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Make a great day

– Dennis

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