Control Your Actions – The River of Emotions

“To stay present in everyday life, it helps to be deeply rooted within yourself; otherwise, the mind, which has incredible momentum, will drag you along like a wild river.”

Eckhart Tolle


As humans we have a lot of emotions and there are uncountable things and reasons to cause them.

Every day we let our emotions take control of our mood, and it can change very quickly. From happy to sad, sad to depressed, fearful to careless, unhappy to numb. And the thing is, that it is much easier to shift from a positive emotion to a negative one than it is to shift from a negative to a positive.

Not many of us have control over our emotions, especially the negative ones, and in a way we never will. We can’t stop the emotions as they arrive inside us. We can try and fight it, but eventually it will break through. We can’t just say “I will never be angry or sad again”, it doesn’t work that way. But what we can control, or learn to control, is how we react when these negative emotions arrive. We have to realize that we are in charge of how they affect us.

When we get angry or when we are afraid, it feels like something out of our control. It just happens. The most important thing is how we react when this happens. And no reaction is the best reaction. Meaning that we should not ignore our emotions, but rather observe them from a distance. Know and accept that they are there.

The key is to be aware as they arrive. Catch them in the moment.

A lot of us let it take over our body, mind, and our actions and as a result of this, our life. For example someone can go from being the sweetest person to something horrible and unrecognizable in no time. That is because they completely let it take over.

Just to give you a mental picture, this is how I imagine it in my head:

I imagine a river, but instead of water it is full of emotions, constantly in flow, one emotion after another, sometimes just a stream of one emotion pouring through for a long time.

Those of us who are not aware of our negative emotions are in the river. Those of us who hold on to negative thoughts, people who don’t think they have a purpose in life, people with regret, anger, sorrow, depression and the list goes on. They are all in the river, struggling, slowly running out of air and some are on the verge of drowning. They have no control. Or so they think. We have to create space between the negative emotions. Know they are there but don’t let them consume you. We have to get out of the river and stand beside it. We have to observe, feel and accept and not let it drown us.

The next time you get angry or sad, or when you can feel any other kind of negativity rising within you, you have to realize it is happening right now and then let it be. Know that it is there. Accept it. Don’t try to get rid of it or change it. Observe it from a distance. Stand “on shore” and watch as it floats by. In this way you can have control of your actions.

Trust me, I know that in a strange way it can actually feel good to be angry or even sad. You get stuck in it and it becomes a part of who you are. It becomes a part of your identity. It can feel good to break things, and sometimes even hurt yourself physically or mentally. But If you let it take control over you it will hurt a lot more, it will last a lot longer and it will be harder to get out of “the river” again. Just know that there is a better solution. You can have control over your actions.

Another bonus of being aware of your negative emotions, is that not only will it have less impact, but you will also notice that with time the negativity will not have as much power as it used to, and it will not come as frequently as it does now.

So you can actually minimize the negative emotions and their impact but it is impossible to totally to get rid of them. They will come and go, but now you know that you can control how big of an impact that they are going to have on you and your life and also the people around you.

To finish off i just want to remind you –  be your true self and live in the present – when the negative arrives, notice it, observe it, feel it, let it be and let it pass.


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Make a great day

– Dennis

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  1. This is such a great post, I think you’re completely right by saying that we first have to become aware of those negative emotions, that letting them be, feeling then and afterwards letting them go. Our perception of life affects our reality in every single way possible. Staying positive as often as possible and seeing the good in every situation is a choice and not letting negativity ruin your emotions is a muscle you can train, basically. Step by step…


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